Walking In Africa

J.D. Humpal’s book, titled “Walking in Africa,” provides an immersive and insightful exploration of the continent’s diverse landscapes, rich wildlife, and vibrant cultures. With his extensive experience as an environmental researcher and renowned adventurer, Humpal offers a meticulous account of his extensive walking journey across Africa.

This remarkable travelogue combines personal anecdotes with profound observations about the natural wonders he encounters along the way. From traversing the vast Serengeti plains to uncovering hidden gems like Virunga National Park, Humpal captures the essence of Africa through vivid descriptions that transport readers to these awe-inspiring locations.

Moreover, his book not only delves into the breathtaking beauty but also tackles critical environmental issues affecting this continent, including deforestation and wildlife conservation efforts.

While “Walking in Africa” serves as a testament to Humpal’s adventurous spirit, it also stands as a comprehensive guide for fellow explorers or individuals seeking enlightening narratives about one of Earth’s most captivating regions.

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The Power of Forgiveness

Seminars on Truth

Unlock the Power of Forgiveness! It’s hard to deny that we all have some kind of inner strength within us. The remarkable thing is that this innate power is interconnected with the rest of the world. And the power of forgiveness is a link that connects the dots between your life and those around you. Visualize the connection! Pardon someone from the depths of your heart and you’ll feel a tremendous release of energy – the energy to change. This transformational experience will pick up the pieces of your chaos and reconstruct consciousness. Believe it’s worth it. This will undoubtedly be the wisest use of your time.

Sharing God's Love


Embrace the power of understanding!

Our journey in sharing God’s love is a beautiful reflection of our identity, values and purpose. By exercising forgiveness, embracing prayer, and cultivating healthy relationships, we bring joy and peace into our lives and those around us. By seeking understanding and knowledge, we unlock the full potential of our faith, and deepen our connection with God. So let us continue to inspire, uplift and encourage each other on this path, and experience the abundance of blessings that are waiting for us! Remember, with every step we take, we are building a brighter future, full of hope, love and compassion!

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